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How are we assessing pupil progress in developing skill development and ensuring they are able to dig deeper with age related expectations?

At Towers Schools we are using ‘The Towers Federation Assessment System’ to enable the rigorous and effective monitoring of pupils’ progress and identify next steps in their learning.

Our system clearly outlines the objectives that children need to cover each term in order to be on track and secure in their year group’s curriculum.

Our Assessment intent and implementation can be found here

The Towers Mark Book

The mark book works as a tool for ongoing formative assessment. It directs planning and guides interventions.

Alongside the triangulation of evidence from books, learning walks with respective managers and pupil progress meetings, the Towers Mark Book enables staff to evaluate the attainment standards of children.  These summative judgements will be inputted into SIMs.

Judgements will be recorded as follows:

Working Below - WB

Working Towards Age Related Expectations - WTS

Working at Age Related Expectations - ARE

Working at Greater Depth – GDS

Behind these summative judgements sits a numerical value:

WB= -2        WTS=-1        ARE= 0        GDS=1

It is expected that children will maintain an average progress score of ‘0’.  This means if a child is assessed as working at Age Related Expectations (ARE), that this (and therefore their numerical value) will be maintained.  Children who are not achieving ARE should be identified quickly and it is expected that staff take every step for the child to make up the difference lost.

Should a child be working below expectation and move into ARE, this would show greater progress than 0, equalling +1 progress which is outstanding progress. The same would apply to those children who are working at ARE and move into GDS.