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Bad Weather Plan

Please click to see our Bad Weather Plan.


Should a closure of Towers Infant and/or Towers Junior School be necessary the following contingency plans would be followed in order to ensure health and safety for all children and members of staff.

On the first day in the event of an unpredicted whole school or partial closure the following method of communication will be used:-

  1. You will receive a text message, please ensure mobiles are charged and switched on daily and that we have your correct up to date number.

In the event of a predicted closure e.g. snow, the following five methods of communication will be used.

  1. You will receive a text message, please ensure mobiles are charged and switched on daily.
  2. Where a possible closure is predicted in advance, parents are asked to telephone the Open Check service on 020 8408 7508.  You will need to enter the school’s DCSF Code of 3112076 for the Junior School and 3112070 for the Infant School.  You will then hear a message relating to the school.  Wait until the end of the message to ensure it has been updated and that it is not an old message. Alternatively use the internet to check their website, .
  3. We would also use Time FM, a local radio station which you can tune into on 107.5 FM.  Obviously the lines, in the case of a national/local event, to this station will be congested and with the best will in the world we may not be able to get through ourselves.
  4. Please visit the school websites which will be updated,  and or twitter feeds, @Towersfed
  5. London Borough of Havering website will also display any school closure notices.

Further measures that we will take to ensure health and safety during prolonged periods of settled, heavy snow whilst the school is open:

  1. The Junior School will ensure that there is a cleared/gritted path from their gate in Windsor Road to the main school entrance,  and across the playground to the Infant School. Please ensure you use the cleared path, not any un-cleared paths or driveways.
  2. The Infant School will ensure that there are cleared/gritted pathways from the Infant School gates to both the Nursery/Early Years entrance and the main school entrance which will be used by Year 1 and Year 2 children.  There will be access to the Junior School via a gritted path across the playground
  3. The decision may be made by the school to allow an earlier pick up.  This is because a staggered exit enables us to supervise the collection of children from school safely and avoids parents waiting in a lengthy queue along the school drive in freezing conditions.  Therefore, in the event of heavy snow fall, parents may collect their child after 1.30p.m.  Please collect Infant children first.  Any child remaining in school would be dismissed in the usual manner at 3.20p.m. for Early Years classes, 3.25pm for Years 1 and 2, 3.30pm for Junior School children and 3.40pm for the Nursery.
  4. Should it prove necessary to cancel Breakfast Club or the After School Club, The First Class Kids Club (the provider) will contact you separately. If the school is closed to all pupils these clubs will not operate.