Reports & Progress

The introduction of the new national curriculum has necessitated a transition period for assessing pupil progress. This is because achievement of the raised end of year 6 expectations cannot be measured by tracking systems that schools currently use. During this transition period we are exploring with the infant school various assessment models, with a view to adopting one continuous system for assessment across the two schools and key stages. This will address the issues raised regarding anomalies and parity of assessment criteria used in key stage 1 and in key stage 2.

Whilst we will be tracking and reporting progress termly, initially we will be using levels and sub levels. However levelling will be phased out during the course of the year, so that by the time end of reports are issued, we will be reporting individual attainment using a national comparative statement. Whilst the use of a comparative statement against national expectations has been the practice at Towers Junior School for several years, this statement will now reflect a child's attainment when measured against the revised year group expectations relating to the national curriculum 2014.

To see our full report on transition arrangements for assessing pupil progress please follow the link by clicking here.

Parents evenings are conducted termly, where parents are invited to discuss their child's progress, achievements and well being. Individual pupil targets for the next steps in learning are shared with parents during our formal open evenings and in end of year reports. There is an expectation that all parents will attend open evenings.

For children on the SEND register currently identified as SEN, EHC or Statemented, we hold termly meetings with parents to monitor the achievement of, or progress towards, targets identified on the 'Pupil Passport'.

We operate an open door policy where parents are positively encouraged to make appointments to discuss progress or any other issues with Class Teachers and / or a member of the Senior Leadership Team at any time.


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