Governor Attendance

Governor Attendance
Each governor is required to attend a termly full governing body meeting and either a Learning and Achievement or Resources Sub Committee. The table below shows the attendance for each governor for the Spring Term 2017. (N/A indicates that the governor is not part of a particular sub committee)


Full Governing


Curriculum &

Pupils (CAP)



Additional Visits

to School

Mrs A D'Silva Yes      
Mr P Sass Yes      
Mr A Bryan Yes      
Mr A Hampton Yes      
Mr Matthew Dineen No     N/A*
Mr S Woodley Yes      
Mrs L Goodyear Yes      
Mrs S Hobbs Yes     N/A*
Mrs S Meacher Yes      
Ms J Noller Yes      
Mrs J Kingston No     N/A*
Mrs F Keane No      
Mr I Valentine No      

 * employed at school.