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This page will be celebrating some of our amazing pupil achievements per half term. Please check back regularly for all the up to date achievements.


Autumn 2nd Half Term

Havering Tag Rugby Competition

B-Team - Havering Champions!

A-Team came 9th out of 32 schools - a fantastic achievement!


Havering Cross Country Competition (27 schools took part)

Year 3/4 Girls Team - 3rd Place

Year 3/4 Boys Team - 8th Place

Year 5/6 Girls Team - 12th Place

Year 5/6 Boys Team - 4th Place

Year 3/4 Girls - Individual Silver Medallist - Amy.M!


Havering Winner of the London 'Christmas Tree Project' Poster competition

Brooke.P has been invited to New Scotland Yard with other London Borough winners.


TJS Football Team won 7:1 against Crowlands. What a result!!!


Maths Competition Winners (Judged by Professor Brainwave)

Year 3 - Henry.L., Leo.L., Ronnie.O.

Year 4 - Georgina.P., Brooke.R., Lenny.S.

Year 5 - Freya.S., Aaron.P., Isabelle.T.

Year 6 - Lucas.K., Cerys.M., Molly.T.

Overall Winner - Brooke.R!!


Firework Competition Winners

Year 3 - Eva.S., Renee.R., Freddie.F.,

Year 4 - Sophia.M., Raehaan.C., Chloe.W.

Year 5 - Aaron.P., Lilly.D., James.M.

Year 6 - Bobbi.L., Lily.C.