The School Day

The school day is divided into two sessions, with a total of 23hours and 30 minutes teaching time.

The day is arranged as follows:

Registration: 08.55

Learning time: 09.00 -10.30

Assembly: 10.30 - 10.25

Break: 10.45 - 11.00

Learning time: 11.00 - 12.15

Lunch: 12.15 - 13.30

Registration: 13.30

Learning time: 13.35 - 15.30

Coming and going....

Children may not arrive in the morning before 8.45am.

Teacher supervision in the classroom does not begin until 8.45am and so any children arriving before this time may be unsupervised. For parents and carers who work there is the Abacus club providing morning care. Please see our Abacus page for more information.

On arrival children should immediately enter the school building via the main reception. Parents who bring their children to school are respectfully requested to vacate the premises promptly to reduce congestion outside of the school. Parents may access the playground to take younger children across to the Infant School, however parents should note that during periods of snow this path is closed. We respectfully request that younger children are supervised at all times but particularly in the driveway and when crossing the playground.

Children going home for lunch should not return before 1.25pm

At the end of school parents may wait on the school playground. However, we request that parents vacate the premises as soon as possible so that the playground can be secured for use by after school clubs.

At no time should any parent approach any child in the playground. Staff cannot be expected to know every parent, carer or grandparent and so will regard anyone approaching a child as a 'stranger.'