School Travel Plan

Tower's School Travel Plan

We were the first school in the borough to have achieved OUTSTANDING

Level in Sustainable Travel awarded by Transport for London. Our lead

professional and our Road Safety Officers presented a presentation about

our work to other professional in the borough at a sustainable Travel

conference at the CEME centre.

Watch our presentation HERE >>>>>>>>

Through our School Travel Plan we have consulted with the whole school

community. Parents, pupils and staff have completed surveys that inform

us how pupils and staff travel to school and how they would like to travel.

The surveys also inform us of any problems faced on journeys to and from

school and gives the whole school community an opportunity to suggest

new ideas to help solve these problems.

Our original target was to reduce the number of car journeys to school and

increase other methods of sustainable travel, e.g. walking, cycling, public

transport and car sharing. Consultation is an ongoing part of the School

Travel Plan process and each year the information provided feeds our new

targets and objectives

Our Aims

Our aims are to have less congestion outside the school gate, increased

awareness of sustainable transport, healthier, fitter children, more journeys

by bicycle, walking and public transport, reduced pollution from the home

to school journey, less road accidents now and for our children in the future,

and our Year 6 Leavers prepared for their journeys to secondary school.

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