Useful Links

Useful Links

Returning to School

We have created some videos to show you what the 'New Normal' looks like at the moment. You may see a familiar face or two as you watch!

The videos will also show you what your bases will look like and give you some handy information


Below is a video of the drop off and pick up route for returning children.

Base and year group specific videos can be found underneath.

Early Years

Coming in to school

Base 1 

Base 2


Base 3

 Base 4


 Leaving school at the end of the day



Year 1

In this video you will learn how to enter the school and where your grown up will drop you off.  You will look where your base is and how to get there.  Finally we will look at what your base will look like!


Year 6

Coming in to school

Base 17 - coming in to school, what the base looks like.

Base 17 - how to get to the toilet

Base 24 and 25 - how to get there from the drop off zone

Base 24 - what does it look like?

Base 25 - what does it look like?


Don't forget,  your base teacher and the adults at school are still available to help you.  When you come in to school you will see lots of familiar adults at various points along your route in to keep you moving in the right direction and welcome you in.