School Admission

Governors agreed to facilitate a phased expansion from a two form entry to a three form school. Phasing began in September 2014. From September 2016 there will be three forms of entry in Year 3 and 4 whilst in Years 5 and 6 there will be two forms of entry. We anticipated that the school will be at full capacity (360 children) in September 2018 when the phasing will be complete.

Parents, who are considering Towers Junior School as their preferred choice for their child, are warmly invited to visit the school prior to making their decision. Prospective parents should view the LA admissions policy for information on how to apply for a place.

Starting with us

Children who come to us from Towers Infant School participate in a transition process which gradually introduces them and their parents to the Junior School. This transition involves:

  • teachers, teaching assistants and Special Educational Needs Coordinators meeting to blend practice and ensure continuity and progression
  • parents visiting the school formally and informally and attending curriculum workshops
  • a comprehensive programme of visits and activities for Year 2 children during the summer term.

Parents comments

Very pleased with the progress of my child and the teacher's enthusiasm and overall feel the school is achieving and motivating each and every child.

I think that between the school and parents working together - job done. A wonderful school!

My child has developed in many ways because the teacher has taken the time to learn each child's personality.

The school looks wonderful- very bright and full of the children's work. Very educational for the parents as well. Really pleased and happy with Towers. All staff should be happy.