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Towers Junior School

"At Towers we BUILD our future"

Life at Towers Junior School Life at Towers Junior School Life at Towers Junior School Life at Towers Junior School Life at Towers Junior School

Staff List




Head Teacher 

Mrs. C. D. Hurley


Executive Head Teacher

Mr. M. J. Dineen

Deputy Head Teachers

DHT, SEND Co and Assessment

Mrs. C. Berry

DHT, Teaching and Learning, Assessment

Mrs. S. Lloyd           





Year 3




 Miss. J. Harris 

Miss. C. Porter

Miss. Y. Darlington


Ms Stone


Year 4


Mrs. C. Chapman

 Mrs. K. Loving

Miss. D. Markey


Miss. L. Conby 


Mrs. S. Lloyd [Mon, Tues] Mrs. M. Roe [Wed-Fri]


Year 5


Mr. G. Pitty


Mrs. S. Edwards 

Miss. H. Shaw



Mr. E. Williams


Miss. E. Warwick-Baker


Year 6


Miss. A. Balding [Mon-Tues] Mr. D. Halle [Wed-Fri]

Mrs. H. Jelly 

Mrs. S. Kyriacou 


Mr. R. Johnson


 Miss. S. Gad 


Miss Nish - Musician in Residence



Mrs Y Luggar - Class Teacher, curriculum focus



Miss. R. Daly  - Currently on maternity leave 


  Other members of staff


School Business Manager: Mrs. J. Spurdle




Premises officer: Mr. G. Mills

School Keeper: Mr. P. Sayer

 Home School Support Worker:

   Mrs. D. Crawford


Admin Assistant 

Mrs J. Deacon 


Miss. H. Smith 






Mrs. S. Weeks

Mrs. K. Ross

Mrs. K. Brown



Midday Assistants:
Mrs Edwards
Miss Stone
Miss Baxter
Mrs Loving
Miss Seynisch
Miss Markham *maternity leave
Miss Lagden (1:1)
Mrs Window
Mrs Puvala
Mrs Doyne
Mrs Gosling
Mrs Hargis
Miss Hardcastle
Mrs Connor
Mrs Wisner
Mrs Fox
Ms Thomson
Mrs Grant (1:1)
Mrs Reynolds
Mrs Rossiter


 Learning Support Assistants:
Mrs Hazell
Mrs Williamson
Mrs Kosta
Mrs Thomson
Mrs Gosling
Mrs Hargis
Mrs Wass
Mrs Loving
Mrs Spicer
Mrs Courtney
Mrs Hampton
Mrs Wisner
Miss Gordon
Mrs Connor
Miss Hardcastle
Miss Greenslade
Miss Baxter
Mrs Jacobs
Mrs Bond
Miss Seynisch
Miss Shaw
Miss Markey
Miss Puvala


 Sports assistant:

Mr. Williams

Havering Catering -School Cook:

Mrs. L McWilliams