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Towers Junior School

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Virtual days out - developing cultural experiences


We advise parents use Youtube for children when accessing due to adverts that appear.

There are also other places to visit;

    1. Follow the Otter Cave Hammock trail at the Everglades National Park, Florida
    2. Visit Croatia! Take a guided tour ofCroatia’s beauty spots on Google Earth.
    3. Explore 23 exhibit rooms in Mexico’sNational Museum of Anthropology
    4. Trek the Amazon Rainforestand appreciate how astoundingly beautiful this world can be.
    5. See if you can catch a glimpse of theNorthern Lights on this live webcam feed
    6. Check out thisPanda live cam
    7. Or thisPanda Cam in Atlanta Zoo – because Panda’s are wonderful.
    8. Space lovers can take avirtual tour of the moon in 4K courtesy of NASA
    9. If you have Amazon’s Alexa in your home, you can explore a make believe land with her as a guide. Just say “Alexa, open the magic door”
    • Gasp at famous landmark’s on Google Street View like Russia’sBolshoi Theatre
    1. RideIt’s a Small World at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom without having to queue!
    2. Or experience Animal Kingdom’sExpedition Everest in 360!
    3. You can actually virtually walk through Disney World, if you’d like to explore the parks as a whole.
    4. Breath taking scenes atTembe Elephant Parkin South Africa
    5. Hop over to the live feed of theGuide Dogs of America nursery cam
    6. Take in the sights and sounds of tropical birds at thisfruit feeder live camin Panama
    7. Go on a complete tour of theSydney Opera House.
    8. Virtually visit the Sistine Chapel. You can even zoom to take a closer look at that ceiling!
    9. Explorevolcanoes in Hawai’i
    10. Walk around theNational Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, South Korea
    11. This YouTube channel streams images from theworld’s most beautiful placesin 4K 24 hours a day. It’s not as immersive as some of the other options but it’s certainly relaxing!
    12. Godiving with Sea Lions in the channel islands!
    13. Orwhale watching in the Pacific ocean!
    14. Explore theStreet Art of Buenos Aires with audio.
    15. Travel to Paris to wander the rooms ofthe Louvre
    16. Visit NASA and tour theLangley Research Centre
    17. Take in the scenery atAbraham Lake in Canada on Google Earth
    18. Get learning at afree history themed event.
    19. Take the famous spiral staircase at theGuggenheim Museum in New York
    20. Go underwater with sharks atCape Fear, North Carolina
    21. Visit Alaska andwatch these Brown Bearshunt for fish in the river. So peaceful.
    22. See thepenguins being fed at Monterey Bay Aquarium every weekday at 10:30am (PT)
    23. Watch this liveMoon Jelly cam to see peaceful shots of Jellyfish swimming to music.
    24. Visit thepenguins at San Diego Zoo
    25. Or visit theirburrowing owls
    26. Fly to Amsterdam’sVan Gogh Museum to see some of his most famous paintings.
    27. Get creative at a virtual art class.Click here to see upcoming free classes.
    28. Head to the Natural History Museum and attend one of theirupcoming tours on Zoom.
    29. Feel theglorious waves at the Banzai Pipeline – one of the most famous surfing spots in the world
    30. While you’re in the New Horizon’s mood, why nottour this Forestcore animal crossing island with Katie. She has a couple of similar tour videos and they’re so cute!
    31. Just drop yourself at the top of theEiffel Tower in Pariscourtesy of Google Arts & Culture. 
    32. Go on anArchitecture Tour of Chicago, complete with guide.
    33. Get inspired withcomfort foods from around the world.
    34. Take advantage ofZoopla’s virtual viewings and have a nosey in houses all over the world!
    35. Explore theNew Orleans Lafayette Cemetery in 360.
    36. Wonder the Paris Catacombes
    37. TourNiagara Falls in less than 10 minutes!
    38. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous,take a virtual zip line over to the falls.
    39. Visit the Rome and explore culturally significant historical sites likethe Colosseum.
    40. Take a leisurely stroll aroundUniversal Orlando theme park without the long flight.
    41. Or lose yourself indowntown San Francisco
    42. Watch this360 movie from Japan’s National Tourism Board (it’s formatted for VR, if you have a headset)
    43. ExploreDomica Cave in Slovakia, which is included in the UNESCO World Heritage list.
    44. Soak up these gloriousviews from the Maldives. Use your mouse to rotate the camera. Hands up who else is living in the snow and missing the sunshine right now!
    45. Experience thistrain ride in Utrecht from the driver’s perspective.
    46. Or why not experience some of themost beautiful train journeys in the world in Norway. The scenery is absolutely stunning.
    47. If you’re really missing being up in the air, you can watch this Asiana Airlinesflight from Seoul to London in its entirety. 
    48. Watch last year’sNew Year Vienna concert in full.
    49. Climb this 75 meter tree with no rope. It’s 360 degrees, so don’t forget to look down. (NOT recommended, if you’re scared of heights)
    50. Experience 360 views ofAngel Falls in Venezuela.
    51. Take a look insideChichen Itzawith National Geographic.
    52. Visit theAngkor Wat in Cambodia on Google Earth, originally built as a Hindu Temple complex but now a place of Buddhist worship, it’s also known as the “city of temples”.
    53. Pay a visit to theTaj Mahal and absorb the iconic “crown jewel of India”
    54. Experience an astronaut’sview of the Earth in 360 for the first time!
    55. Learn about fireflies and then watch them glow in thisvirtual Fireflies event.
    56. Visit thisexhibition of Cultural Expression from the National Museum of African American History and Culture.
    57. Follow National Geographic as they look for the real Lost City of Atlantis inthis full length video.
    58. Explore thegreat barrier reef with Sir David Attenborough.
    59. Watch deer eat at a trough on this dedicated“Deer Pantry” live feed.
    60. Tour this cottage because cottages are absolutely gorgeous and I can’t get enough of them!
    61. Wrap up warm and breathe in thisscenic relaxation film of a Winter Wonderland.
    62. Alternatively,fly over to Greece 
    63. Head over to one of the manyvirtual tours of Yosemite Valley and imagine you are hiking.
    64. Take this quick360 hop around the world.
    65. Learn what it would be like to godeep into the Mariana Trench.
    66. Take a floor by floor walkthrough tour ofthe National Aquarium.
    67. WatchKoala Bears at San Diego Zoo on their live cams. You can give an optional donation to the zoo, if you want to support them.
    68. Imagine living inthis tiny house as you are shown around!
    69. Download theChile360 app to virtually explore some of Chile’s natural beauty like Easter Island and the Atacama Desert.
    70. Take in the world from the absolutely incredibleMachu Picchu, one of the new wonders of the world.
    71. And, finally,climb Mount Everest the easiest way ever.